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Camp Alberta Reservation Service

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  Q: When can I expect to see more privately owned Alberta campgrounds available for online reservations?
  A: The number of campgrounds participating is currently limited. Continue to watch for additional campgrounds being added throughout the season.
  Q: How many sites can I book at one campground?
  A: If there are no site limitations in place at the campground selected, you may reserve any available site. Check your campground's policies for any limitations. All reserved sites would require full payment in order to confirm a request.
  Q: Are there a maximum number of nights that I can reserve a campground?
  A: Yes, the maximum number of nights allowed varies for each campground. Please refer to the individual campground policies. Otherwise, the standard rule applies and the maximum number of nights allowed is 14 nights.
  Q: Can I show up at a campground without a reservation?
  A: Yes, but without a reservation, there is no guarantee that there will be availability on arrival.
  Q: Why can't I book my favourite campground online?
  A: This reservations system consists of privately owned campgrounds throughout Alberta that have chosen to participate in this service. Participation by the campgrounds is optional therefore it is not likely that every private campground in Alberta is listed.
This system does not include Provincial and National Park campgrounds.
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